Home Forward, formerly The Portland Housing Authority, implements $15 minimum wage!

Yesterday Home Forward announced that it will implement a $15 minimum wage for its employees. Formerly known as The Portland Housing Authority, Home Forward employees are represented by LiUNA Local 296 and AFSCME Local 3135 who worked together with Oregon AFSCME Council 75 to win a $15 per hour minimum wage for Home Forward employees.  Home Forward’s work is centered around finding decent and affordable housing for individuals and families who are challenged by economic hardship, disability, or other special needs.

Click here to read the statement released today by Home Forward

In the announcement Home Forward Executive Director, Michael Buonocore, discusses their work helping to provide housing for people who work hard yet still struggle with economic hardship and need assistance, the importance of raising wages in combating income inequality, and why this makes it important that Home Forward provides a $15 minimum wage for its own employees.

15 Now PDX applauds Home Forward for being a leader on the issue of fair wages, and commends them for paying their employees a a $15 minimum wage!

Click here to read the statement released today by Home Forward

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