$15 Minimum Wage Initiative Qualifies for Ballot Title

Originally published by Oregonians for 15

(Salem, OR) — Yesterday it was announced that the $15 minimum wage ballot initiative that was filed by Oregonians for 15 has enough valid signatures to qualify for a ballot title. The coalition of labor and community groups submitted 2,000 signatures on June 30. Of those, 1,000 needed to be valid to qualify for a ballot title. According to the Office of the Secretary of State Elections Division, 1,808 of the signatures are valid. That is an impressively high validity rate of 90.4%.

The initiative now goes to the state Attorney General’s office, which has until July 23rd to present a draft of the ballot title. Once a ballot title has been drafted both Oregonians for 15 and any opposition organizations will have the opportunity to challenge the title, and can take that challenge all the way to the state supreme court. Supporters cannot continue collecting signatures for the initiative until that ballot title process is complete. [Continue reading]

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